Thursday, June 20, 2013

Al Oerter Soap Box Derby!


Above are a few of our Green Teens along with David Deas (Playground Associate at Al Oerter) with their finished product, soap box! "This year's soap box cart project was a revamp of last year's cart.  Using the RRR approach (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) we were able to keep in the effort of going green with our Green Teens.  The teens took the specifications of this year's rules and applied them to the old cart.  Learning to use tools and recycling old materials gave them a new perspective on the project.  They worked hard at figuring out how to make a brake system that would be safe for participants to use.  Once they applied all their ideas to the cart, a new cart was born. With the help of staff, they improved on the cart and then was able to showcase their work at the annual Street
Games in Manhattan.  The uniqueness of our cart is that it was made from completely reusing materials such as a broken park bench, a broken lawn mower for the wheels, a milk crate, screws and bolts from our Maintenance and Operations division.  A true test of what a soap box was considered from the old days of racing soap boxes in the streets." - David Deas

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