Friday, August 2, 2013

Green Teen Design team visits Central Park

The Green Teens program at Al Oerter is focused on the role of sustainable design in parks and recreational areas by integrating the fields of architecture and landscape architecture. One of the first sites the teens visited was Central Park, a great example of the use of green space in a highly urban place.  Below, Chelsea Fingal describes her experience:

"We were able to visit Central Park's Conservatory Garden, which is separated into three smaller gardens featuring Italian, French, and English style designs. We learned how the arrangements and design of various plants come together in dramatic yet harmonious ways. We also went to the North Woods - one of the most secluded and calming areas in the park. The North Woods allow both people and wildlife to access nature in the midst of a city otherwise filled with concrete and honking cars. Central Park gave us great examples of how plants can create a completely different atmosphere."