Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let’s Restore the Jamaica Bay Marshlands!!!!

Calling All Green Teens, Calling all Green Teens!!

Thank you to the Green Teens that came out and took part in the restoration of Marsh Island this past May 19th. The marsh islands are disappearing at a rate of 40-50 acres per year. These islands are the lifeblood of the bay, providing habitat to hundreds of species and helping to protect from storm surge and flooding. The marshes are a first line of defense from increasingly violent storm events and help provide protection for the 20 million people that live in the communities around Jamaica Bay. In a post-Super Storm Sandy world, restoring marsh islands is more important and vital than ever. The project is the first ever community-led marsh restoration in a National Park and will serve as a model for future wetland restorations throughout the country.

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